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  Why WoW Sucks
Why WoW Sucks ?

Here are few reasons :

It cost's to renew your subscription every 2 months

It takes like forever to be successful in it and it is boring and you can get addicted to it

Waste of time and money !!!

And do not waste your money and time cause eventually you will get bored like me...

If you really want to play WoW and you don't want to pay every 2 months then you search

for a private server they are all free and most of them are funservers (fast leveling)

 f you want your own server you can search for a wow repack and you can setup    
your own server and do whatt you want with it , you could even use it as a private server for you and
your friends.

You can choose other games like Mafia Wars and Street Racing on facebook.


Or  you could get a steam account and buy  few games , example CSS

You can even just go to gamesites like or

Also there is a site with alot of games like y8 and miniclip but there are no achievments on y8 or miniclip , in order to get achievments you need to create account


Boring long gameplay

Slow leveling

No gamecards

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